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Compassionate Birth Interventions

Birth’s not pathological
There’s no disease to cure.
It’s simple, if not logical,
Embrace it to be sure.
What’s wrong with our society?
Why do we have such doubt?
Our bodies work so perfectly,
That’s what I want to shout.
What evidence insists,
On us labouring to time?
Whose linear life exists?
The baby’s, yours, or mine?
My life has pulse and rhythm,
It ebbs and flows and slows.
And nothing is a given,
Life peaks, it troughs, it flows.
My baby and my body,
Are able to keep pace.
And strict policy is folly,
Within it, please give grace.
When needed, please do intervene,
Your help will be a blessing.
Not too eager, not too keen,
Use evidence, not messing.
In birth I might want guidance,
I’ll say “What shall I do?”
I don’t want condescendence,
To be so is just cruel.
Treat me with compassion,
Regarding this safe time,
Each and every decision,
Will be replayed in my mind.
I’ll wonder if I could’ve,
I’ll ask of the what if’s.
I’ll blame myself, I should’ve,
I’ll be feeling rather miffed.
But if you help me try,
And then you help me try some more.
I probably won’t cry,
I’ll have thanks for you galore.
And if some intervention,
Is a safety must,
Then under your tuition,
Your knowledge I will trust.
And maybe, yes just maybe,
Your patience will provide,
A healthy newborn baby,
And a mother, full of pride.

©Sabrina Gant 2013

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