Mindfulness for Birth

I provide antenatal classes, using hypnobirthing and mindfulness techniques, to help prepare you for that all important transition to parenthood, whether this is your first birth or you are already a parent. 

    ​Hypnobirthing antenatal classes will also help you to ease the transition for your babies from womb to world by considering what is most important to you, your babies and your lifestyles. Each baby’s birth is a very important day and can only happen the once so it’s important to me that you explore what your preferences will be and how to best work towards achieving them. The relaxation, practical and physical skills learnt through hypnobirthing can help parents make the choices that are right for them and their family in order to have a calm birth. 

    Mindfulness for birth and hypnobirthing are active birth skills to help parents learn about the things they can control to make labour shorter and easier. Mindful Mamma    ® has been offering mindfulness for birth and hypnobirthing courses for some years now and in early 2011 I joined the Mindful Mamma team and collaborated with them to further develop the hypnobirthing courses offered. Our hypnobirth classes teach you and your birth partner how to use mindfulness and hypnosis in labour to complement your other birth preferences and have your best birth. 

    During the hypnobirthing course, I will help you to consider positive approaches towards postnatal life and use the same relaxation skills learnt antenatally to make for a calm and enjoyable life with your babies after birth.

The Origins of Hypnobirth

In the early 20th century, Dr. Grantly Dick-Read specialised in childbirth and obstetrics. His story was an inspired one and it went on to inspire the founders of the NCT, Lamaze and Hypnobirthing.

He first wrote about the fear-tension-pain cycle after being called to the birth of a young woman. At that time he was used to sedating the woman by using Chloroform as general anaesthesia. The young lady refused any pain relief and seemed to give birth easily. Afterwards he asked her why she refused. She answered,
​”Because it didn’t hurt, it wasn’t meant to was it doctor?”

Until then he had believed that severe pain was an inevitable part of the childbirth process for all women. He documented many more births all over the world where the women who were free of fear were able to give birth with ease.

He published his first book called “Natural Childbirth” and then “Revelation of Childbirth” which is now published under the name of “Childbirth Without Fear”.

These books made it clear that childbirth is a normal physiological event and does not need to be a time of suffering. Women, like any other mammal are supposed to be able to give birth and most of the pain felt is due to fear, stress and tension.​​